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Women's contributions to society, culture, morality, spirituality and the advancement of knowledge have rarely been recognized, at least in Western cultures. At various times women have been considered ineducable, incapable of understanding business or politics, too morally weak to govern their own impulses, devoid of a soul, inherently evil. All that despite our long history of working side-by-side with men to grow human civilizations.

Women's work has always been the world's work, whether it is raising and nurturing our children, securing food, earning a paycheck,  pursuing a career, pursuing creative outlets or some combination of these.  Focusing on women and their work...all aspects of their work...then, is what these sites are about. We're not here to push an agenda, unless you consider respect for women and their capabilities as an agenda. In that case, then yeah, we've got a point to make...

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