BEasy Beef Cassoulet from tcamp



 1/4 lb. boneless beef top sirloin steak, cut in small bite sized pieces (cheaper stew beef works too but is tougher)

1 Tbsp plus 1 1/2 tsp. olive oil

1/2 tsp. salt

1/4 tsp. pepper

2 medium carrots, cut into 1/4 inch slices

2 small onions, cut into wedges

8 ozs. cremini or button mushrooms, quartered

1/2 to 1 cup. dry red wine

2 16 oz. cans of white beans, rinsed and drained

2 14.5 oz. cans of diced tomatoes with garlic and onions


  1. Brown beef in 1 Tbsp. olive oil until outside no longer pink. 
  2. Remove from skillet and season to taste with salt and pepper. 
  3. In same skillet, heat remaining olive oil. Add carrots and onions and stir fry for 5 minutes or until crisp/tender. 
  4. Add mushrooms and wine and cook for about 5 more minutes. 
  5. Stir in beans and tomatoes and cook until heated (3-4 minutes). 
  6. Return beef to skillet and cook for another 2 minutes or so. Do not overcook.

    Variations: add more or less wine according to taste. Add in a bit of minced garlic with the onions. Add other seasonings that strike your fancy, especially if you can't find the seasoned tomatoes and use plain ones instead.