Financial Web Sites
Morningstar A good general information site on mutual funds.
Fund Focus Provides quick and easy first-pass fund screening, assuming you already know the type of fund you want and are looking for a beginning list of names to research.
Daily Stocks A good source of historical information on stocks and mutual funds.
Fund Alarm Is it time to sell? This site gives you information on how mutual funds are performing, and warns when they are underperforming.
Quicken This is a good overall site, with good information on basic finances, as well some analysis tools.
The Motley Fool This is a good place to start learning about investing in stocks. This site contains lots of information on the stock market and how it works, as well as some sound general financial advice. You might even find yourself tempted into some Foolish behavior!
Investment Clubs Have you ever heard of the Beardstown Ladies? Their's may be the most famous, but there are tens of thousands of investment clubs all over the world. They are one way to start investing directly in stocks on a small scale, by pooling your funds with other investors.  In the process you'll learn a lot about how to value stocks and how to read financial publications. 

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