Book Reviews
Dad and Me in the Morning by Paricia Larkin

A lovely and simple tale of a young boy and his father rising before the sun to spend some special time together. Unobtrusively woven into the story are the young boy's deafness and the special bond of communication that it brings them. Robert Steele's watercolor illustrations compliment the text beautifully.

Daddy Will Be There by Lois Grambling (special order)

Though out of print, this book is well worth looking for at the library or in used bookstores. It is one of the few that deals in simple and direct terms with a young girls's bond with her father.  Daddy is there, in the fabric of her life, a reassuring presence and source of support as she goes aobut her daily business.  It has delighted my 3 year old daughter and she has asked her father to read it to her over and over.

Charlie Parker Played Bebop by Chris Rashka

If your child loves music, and what child doesn't, then this book will delight. Though it may take Mom or Dad some time to get their jazz muscles flexed, reading Charlie Parker is a mouthful of fun. Raschka uses language superbly to evoke the inherent rhythms of jazz and translate them into the spoken word.  It only takes a reading or two for those little feet (and big ones too) to start tapping away to the rhythm of the music.

Other books by chris Raschka:

    Simple Gifts - A Quaker Hymn by Chris Raschka

The Polar Express by Chris Van Allsburg

We picked this up from the library purely on whim, what luck. A young boy takes trip one Christmas Eve on the Polar Express. There he meets Santa and his Elves, and learns the gift is childhood innocence and wonder that will help as he grows.  This book is a must for kids and adults as well.

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